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From a young age we would travel around Iceland and abroad to seek out the best and most exiting areas and conditions for snowboarding. Skateboarding was always there as part of our agenda and a little bit later followed surfing.

A common interest in surfing and snowboarding led a certain group of people together around the turn of the century and since then we have had various adventures in Iceland and abroad. Over the years we have come to realize how unique and special it is to surf in Iceland. We have come across a number of pro surfers, photographers and surf filmmakers who have come to Iceland with the sole purpose of experience it´s waves. We have traveled around the globe searching for waves, but every time we return to the points and reefs of Iceland they never let us down.

We want to dispel the myth that Iceland is only for the hardcore pro surfer willing to put up with brain-freezes and frozen wetsuits. With guidance you can be surfing your dream setup in Iceland, in comfort and solitude in a mix with adventures and travels in Iceland.

We use local knowledge obtained from years of surfing and traveling around Iceland to discover the best surf spots, the most amazing landscapes and the biggest adventures on every trip. A big part of every visit to Iceland is to experience it´s raw natural beauty. Through our many partner and friends all over the island we offer our customers/clients the chance to explore a little of that raw beauty and the many activities Iceland has to offer when the surf is not pumping. Our goal is to let you experience surfing in one of Europe's last great wilderness areas in the safest manner possible and without missing out on the many other thing's Iceland has to offer. Join us on tour, the adventures await…

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