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Test Lab project is a sponsorship / collaboration program where Arctic Surfers staff and our clients test equipment in Icelandic conditions year round. Surfboards, wetsuits, accessories, skateboards, snowboards, SUPs, kites and life style…. The shapers, companies and individuals that are involved with Arctic Surfers: Test Lab have their gear put to the test in demanding and divine Icelandic nature, culture and other activities. Information and feedback travels the world through our web media, through stories and posts from our clients, as well as photos and footage from both parties.

Arctic Surfers has already gained recognition for finding the best waves in Iceland and the biggest adventures for our clients, production companies and traveling pro surfers. The test lab project gives us the opportunity to try out the newest designs and give valuable feedback to our partners from all over the world.

Would you like to be part of the Arctic Surfers: Test Lab project?
Then get in touch with us and we will put your gear to the test!

test lab products


Ghostwork Surfboards

Shaper: Tomas Fowler Stuart
Located: Lima / Peru

Check out Tomas and his work at:
Ghostwork Surfboards Website

If you are heading to Peru and want to get some good board sorted while there, this is the guy to get in touch with

Fish board, epoxy fish: The Stub Fish

Features: Future fin system, thruster fin set up.
It is one of the first generations tufflite boards made by Surftech. This is a rigid epoxy board designed to make the most out of small waves. Fun board in 3-6″ surf, swims like a fish, surfs like a short board and easy to catch waves. This design was a staple model for east voast surfers in the late ´90´s. This is one of Tomas older boards but it is still full of life and a nice ride. It features some fun homie/party graffiti that goes well with the personality of the board. Give it a try…

Short board, polyester resin: The Green Goblin

Specs:5´11″ x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4
Features: FCS 1 fin system, thruster/quad fin set up.
Round tail, high performance based board for punchy and fast conditions. Intended for tube riding and intended to be used more as a quad rather then a thruster but offers both. Performs well in 3-6+” surf. Light weight, comfortable rocker, good edge and round tail make it fun to slice up the waves and it caries speed quite well through the sections. All and all it is a versatile board but a certain skill level is required to enjoy what the board has to offer..

Short board, polyester resin: The Thriller

Specs: 6´1″ x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4
Features: FCS 1 fin system, thruster/quad fin set up.
Meant to be an all in one type of board , one for any and everything and fun in most surf conditions. Built a bit wider in the nose for extra floating and paddling. this is a go to board for most surfing conditions. This is a fast and good board that we bring with us to most surf days, it surfs well in anything from 3″+ waves up to double over head. It is very smooth to ride and handles speed and power quite well.. I have gotten some of the best waves of my life on this board.



F – One International

Created in 1994 by Raphael SALLES, F-ONE is a leading brand of the Kitesurf market and in Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Check out F-One’s work at:
F-One Kites


F-One SUP: Surf SUP

Anakao 8´10″
Specs: 267cm x 74cm, 111L
Features: Designed in conjunction with remi Quique, with the goal of surfing hollow reef waves is where the Anakao is right at home. The 28′ width, narrowed nose and tail and optimal volume distribution allows for sharp turns in critical sections of the wave while maintaining board control.The big design innovation is the new bottom contour and beveled rails which offer a thinner rail than a traditional stand up providing the rider a short board feel. Carving and acceleration are amazing and vertical turns are easier to perform. The Anakao is setup as a thruster with a 4.5′ central fin, similar to a standard short board. Based on the shape of the 8´4″ x 28″, the 8´10″ x 29″ Anakao inherits its qualities for tube riding but with more volume for more accessibility. At ease on larger waves, the 8’10 is equally easy to position on the rail, and is capable of controlled, sharp acceleration. With a pronounced rocker, a bottom shape with V and double concave, coupled with beveled rails, you will keep your poise even when the waves become faster and hollow.
More info

F-One Peak Hybrid Carbon Adjustable 20cm SUP Paddle

Features: Adjustable light weight hybrid carbon design mend for surfing waves with performance.
More info

F-One Kite Surf / Tow in board

Surf signature 5´10″
Specs: 177cm x 46cm,
Features: Strong performance board with a quad fin setup for kite surfing or town in surfing. Compact, stable, responsive and well balanced any rider will feel the craftsman´s ship that went into these boards regardless of the wind and wave conditions. They can adapt to any conditions, they are able to carve long lines or short quick turns without any major adjustments. the rider can focus on the wave knowing that the board will perform. The board will go wherever you take it and will never hold you back. The board can be ridden with or without bindings/straps.
More info

F-One: Trax Fiber 137 x42 Wake/Kite Board

Features: This is one of many of F-Ones wake board/ surf kite designs. Light weight, strong and responsive this board is bound to help you perform at a high level. If you have the skills, this board has the drive.
Check out more info about the Trax Fiber board and there other designs at their website




We all have one passion in common: the ocean as our playground, the waves and the wind being our favorite distraction. Everybody lives it their own way, every day, at all the spots on our planet, trying to be on the water whatever the conditions.

Check out Manera at:
Manera Website


Manera Wetsuits

A company that is determined to make good and warm coldwater wetsuits for surfers from different parts of the world. So far Manera has mainly been known for there surf kite gear and as a. product of quality, style and performance. They are now coming out with a line of wet suits in 2015.. We have been trying out there 6/6 and 6/5 suits and we can confirm that they are very warm, made out of flexible and light weight neoprene and the suit comes with a front sipper. These suits have the potential of become a high quality wetsuit available on the market for surfing and surf kiting. So far this suit is one of the warmest and more flexible suits we have met and we look forward to see where Manera will go with their designs and products in the coming future.

More info: Manera Website



Xcel Wetsuits

Born and bred on Oahu’s North Shore, Xcel is a core surf brand pumping out wetsuits, accessories, sun protection, and more since 1982.

Check out Xcel at:
Xcel Website


Xcel Infinity 5/4mm hooded / full suit

Flexible and comfortable suits with a good fit. They are warm and but also deliver performance and comfort. This is our go to suit for year round conditions in Iceland and is also the base of what we offer and provide for our clients on our tours. Xcel make some of the best attached hoods on the market and the hood is a very important part of a cold water wetsuit.

More features: Xcel Website




Designed for water athletes, SurfEars® ear plugs protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance. SurfEars® help prevent ear inflammation and surfer’s ear.

Check out SurfEars at:
SurfEars Website


SurfEars: Let sound in, keep water out

These are some of the most high tech, comfortable and functional earplugs on the market today. They comes with additional ear fitting peaces and a snug travel box. Be careful though, you might forget to take them out when you´re done with your surf sessions.

With SurfEars you can easily keep a normal conversation and hear what´s going on around you without felling isolated. Blocking out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria. This product help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer´s ear) and abnormal bone growth in the ear canal (surfer´s ear).

Find out more about SurfEars at SurfEars’ Website


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