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The more we traveled abroad the more we learned and started to see the potential that Iceland possesses, not only in the mountains but in rivers, nature and the ocean. As our passion for surfing grew rapidly although we still took our snowboards with us on winter/spring road trips but more as backup if the surf was no good. The game was changing, now we had more options and each trip had a back up plan.

We at Arctic Surfers are all about exploring and experiencing Iceland and all of the things it has to offer. After spending the last 20 years traveling around, hunting for good snow, finding new waves and seeking out new thrills, we have come to realize how truly amazing Iceland is and what it has to offer. The possibilities seem endless and every day is an adventure by it self. Since uncontrollable weather conditions play such a huge role in what we do we have to work with our minds open and seek out the best thing each day can bring. “it is not always a good day for surfing, but it is always a perfect day for something!” In the end it is what keeps us going and motivated all the time and our clients smiling after an amazing experience and adventure in good company.

Arctic Surfers is definitely your key to Iceland, surfing, snowboarding and other unique experiences. We offer surf excursions and customized adventure tours departing out of Reykjavík and other locations. We can also provide surf gear and a wide selection of surfboards.

We are always ready to surf and go on adventures with all the stoked people around the world and show them the mysterious island from an angle not many have seen before. There are also many amazing non surf related activities worth doing and checking out while you are here.

With the help of our many partners and friends around the country we can help you put together the vacation of your dreams.



arctic surfers : test lab

Behind the scenes

Test Lab project is a sponsorship / collaboration program where Arctic Surfers staff and our clients test equipment in Icelandic conditions year round. Surfboards, wetsuits, accessories, skateboards, snowboards, SUPs, kites and life style…. The shapers, companies and individuals that are involved with Arctic Surfers: Test Lab have their gear put to the test in demanding and divine Icelandic nature, culture and other activities. Information and feedback travels the world through our web media, through stories and posts from our clients, as well as photos and footage from both parties.

Arctic Surfers has already gained recognition for finding the best waves in Iceland and the biggest adventures for our clients, production companies and traveling pro surfers. The test lab project gives us the opportunity to try out the newest designs and give valuable feedback to our partners from all over the world.

Would you like to be part of the Arctic Surfers: Test Lab project?
Then get in touch with us and we will put your gear to the test!

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